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Thursday, July 01, 2004

After the conquest of the Taj, I've been rendered an electronic version of hors de combat ( which has nothing really to do with our equine friends )because I've been travelling like a maniac, and if this keeps up, I really will get into the Pico Iyer league soon.

The Agra trip was tiring as training increases one's self-awareness more than anything that I've seen, felt or experienced. Other encumbrances like long overdue assignments hanging like the sword of D do little by way of assuaging one's already overflowing guilt.To this concoction add the Euro 2004 timings and a recalcitrant cold, you get the picture. Straight out of Dickens !!

Then a long day at office followed by the trip to Cyberabad on Tuesday--again Training, wonly this tie it was Technical and on the gentle lines of a CBT ( eat your heart, ye Luddites !). Met up with a good friend who is in the midst of realizing that working itself doesn't serve any purpose, spent a good couple of hours philosophising, ratiocinating and yes, reminiscing.A tremendously hyped place ( less so than Blore, even then ) where one sees yuppies ruling the roost, saar and thinking the world of themselves.I am led to believe that thia year C'bad will finally overreach itself and fall on its dingy face.

Great watching the Euro yesterday--imagine my petrified horror on finding that ESPN & Star Sports had overpriced themselves on reaching home last night,and the ecstatic relief at finding an arcane Russian channel called "pocccha" relaying the match just as the captains changed flags. Football knows no language, and since the poor channel only seemed to telecast in B & W, I was transported back to the good ol' days when Wimbledon had white balls.
Speaking of which, saw a bit of the self-effacing Ancic put paid to Tiger Tim and the old cast safely through the last 4--my favourite lost to Mauresmo yet again, and who would bet against Federer this year too.

Since I had precious little to do during the half time break ( reasons outlined above ), I was thinking of the four countries that had madet it this far--the commonality I see is that atleast three--Greece, Holland & Portugal were one-time colonial superpowers who have now resigned themselves to non-descript mediocrity as nations. What its denizens must live through--imagine a whole nation of " hamare zamaane main" except that the current generation cannot even really say that--their nations had ensconced themselves as non-entities long before they were born.Yep, I think it will be Czech mate this time, and hey, where's Berger ?

Been a hectic day, made worse by the fact that I'm due to catch the 0540 flight to Ahmedabad ( For readers, it may come as a blessed relief that the previously chronicled Air Sahara catamaran has been jettisoned )


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