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Friday, June 11, 2004

A typically eloquent and mystical post from the great R.
My own take is a)It perhaps is not so iniquitable to have a feeling of longing or incompleteness, in various facets of Life; simply because it is this very fatuous futility that gives rise to overt, trenchant action.
b)The other side is of course what I have been maintaining for over a decade now--it seems verily improbable to expect to eke out a well-rounded bohemian mien that is underpinned on a lifestyle that is itsrlf so very banal & hackneyed. So this manifests differently in different people--some seek to excel through arduous effort in this game, some marvel at the ones who appear to have gone off the rails, with varying degrees of "success", and some carry out onerous chores of desultory vacillation, never sure of where they are or where they are going.

A stray beam of light at the luncheon break where I was told that I may present on the vicissitudes of District HR today but that has since evaporated and I may be forced to find my way again on the morrow.

The Fabric of Reality has since delineated the difference between Virtual reality & Image Generators on the topic of sensory perceptions/illusions. It's engrossing , whatever else it may be.

The venerable Laloo has asked his moniker to be altered on official records to Lalu--as long as does not ask for more "rum" at Parliament.

Was listening to " Confluence" yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised to hear it as the " One minute please" tunes of someone whom I called, and was slightly disappointed when the person came on line--I wish I had asked him to pipe down and let me continue on that melody !!

Am terribly tongue-tied today--have committed innumerable spoonerisms.Sometimes this happens and how I envy those who can speak clearly without expending effort--I mean like Azhar.

Read the article on how Anjali Bhagwat was not recognised at the Olympics Flame charade at Delhi, and someone thought she was from the Press. Truly amazing and humiliating, for her, and us !

The radio stations are in full throttle about the rains, but Varuna is unmoved ( I refuse to accept that pusillanimous philandering Indra coudl command anything ). Have been advised to get my galoshes and oars ready--Row, row , row your boat gently drown the steam, oops, gently down the stream.


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