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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The legal eagle who caused all that frenetic work earlier has thrown down the gauntlet--the faint beginnings of a contretemps. He has stitched up the insolence to send me a letter casting aspersions on all kinds of organizational misdemeanours, and I am forced to scurry for cover.

The more I think about this, the more I am convinced that Gaudio was a wretchedly undeserving bloke who made good.Wimbledon beckons and I hope Tiger Tim delivers.Cjlisters has opted out and who could care less, a wonder that a person of her talent can even think of winning a major, but after Myskina, my lips are sealed.
The accursed USA flounders on, I hope we get our quadrannual dose of fun in the elections --the person with the lesser number of votes winning in a bicameral poll. Atleast in India, one has to rig the place or booth capture to win !

Began a book called the Fabric of Reaiity of David Deutsch, though most papers whisper gibberish on the fabric of realty.It claims to decode metaphysical truths in the language of physics and science--tis very promising so far.

Caught a neat radio programme on FM yesterday--a tribute to the incomparable Mohd. Rafi with Ameen Sayani recounting what the composer giants had had to say when the great man died. I had not heard too many songs earlier, yet I found them hauntingly beautiful.I must resolve to hear more of this and less of Mujhe Naa kahena nahin aata ( my first reacton was-what a fantastic way to begin a training ptogramme on assertiveness )

The Euro is around the corner and a good friend of mine has said Russia will win--that has set me thinking and I will recheck the relative strengths before a prognosis is ensued.As usual the tenuous murmers of work at the time make their enfeebled way. Damn !!

I was told that karmic cycles may vary but the monsoons in Bombay do not--I stand utterly mystifed at the complete absence of a drop of moisture. Like Hanuman, I tell myself, I don't know my own strength.

Anchored a Product Knowledge Workshop on Agarbathi today--it was a CBT ( Computer based Training ) . The readers may be excused for grimacing as they are fully aware of my distinct lack of propinquity to both Computers and Agarbathis--but such, such is life !


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