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Thursday, June 17, 2004

It was an event waiting to happen and the fact the Matsyagandha tragedy has occurred within seconds of Lalu taking charge should not obfuscate perpetual flaws and frailties that embody our Railways. The picturesque locales of the incident only heightened my anguish at the brush with death, as the cruel beauty of Mother Nature reared its head once more. Not so long ago, the Rajdhani met a similar fate in Bihar, which means that we have to shore up our safety nets on a war footing--at any cost. If all of us are aware that the antidiluvian bridges and hedges cannot pass muster, then the public can be told that some routes are cancelled till they are repaired. I'm sure the public would agree, except that every constituency will cry foul to its MP/MLA & therein lies the problem.

The monsoon has finally come to roost, a full two weeks late and I have paid a heavy price for my incessant taunting of the rain gods and intransigence by contracting a viral fever. And yet, I cannot stop as my schedule is packed tight till the end of the month.Trying every trick in the book and then some to weasel out time, and failing, honourably so.


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