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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Hey, hey, hey--seems such a pleasure when I got to see my long-awaited Kuerten-Federer match on Saturday--far far away from the insidious maelstroms of the office and in the right frame of mind. A great experience as Guga gave F nary a chance. In fact, this year's French Open seems unusually open--most of the seeds have had their teeth rattled by the Argentines--who let us say it sooner rather than later have been opportunistic. The Indian interest was alive and kicking in Bhupathy & Mirnyi although the other combos have bitten the red dust a tad too soon.Surprise, surprise, the Williams sisters are out too so we could well have a new champion , and Good Heavens, my fav doubles gal Suarez is in the quarters too. Saw Henman play possibly the best I've seen him play against a nonplussed Chela, I hope H will not add to the long list of B+ playets whose swan song ( more a dying gasp, really )has been the French Open--Stich, Medvedev, Leconte..

On the same night showed the tenacity to actually finish a murder mystery--Judgment in Stone by Ruth Rendell--twas most readable and not in the grippy page turner mould--human insight and all that esoteric stuff which the ( self-effacing) HR Pro will not deign to expostulate upon. I've also begun Hotel du Lac by Anita Brookner--a hotel setting a la The Everest Hotel, Time Stops at Shamli.That's a swell way of beginning a tale, narrative-wise.

Had been to Pune on Monday for work and yet again the driver contrived to lose his way--I have a thing or two going with nutty drivers .

I announce solemnly that after ignominious rejections, increased blood pressure and a stray expletive, I am now the proud owner of not one but two credit cards. Money--easy come, easy go !!


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