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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Have assiduously discovered same facts of corporate life--Nobody receives Fax messages, (unless the recipient is waiting at the end of the tether like a hungry dog after a bone), and the fax messages float harmlessly to the bin; Nobody reads e-mail, weighed down as we are by the deluge of material that assails us incessantly; Nobody listens to one another, too full of what we have to accomplish and what we have yet to complete. What is the purpose of all this ??
Dashed if I know--who do you think I am --J Krishnamurthi ?

The Ameen Sayani programme is really growing on me--I'd say that the old dear is a tad less contemporary than I'd like, but eminently listenable and enjoyable. He sometimes does get caught out endeavouring to put words in the interviewees' mouths but does extricate himself commendably and competently.

The Fabric of Reality has finished with trashing the precepts of Inductivism, Instrumentalism, Solipsism and Positivity--lest this sound like a philosopher's tome, I shall state that it's crammed with physics and arguments. Pretty decent reading it so far and am happy that it caught my eye at the library.

The weather has turned cloudy and it is rumoured to have rained in the wee hours--never trust a Bombaiyya. The spectre of surplus work already weighs on my frail shoulders as I contemplate the whole of the next week spent travelling and then off to a training programme in Agra. Hmm, we are headed for choppy seas, even if the Euro were not round the corner.


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