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Monday, June 07, 2004

Finally, the slugfests at the French Open are over, the dust has cleared and we will return to normal English at a Slam
Candidly, two of THE worst singles finals that I;ve seen--Myskina vs Dementieva was a tragedy, one playing exactly the way I played doubles all those years ago, safe than sorry, like a cat wet in the rain-this was Myskina by the way, Dementieva has an Olympics silver but played like a scalded pup, it was a sigh of relief that the match ended in less than an hour--even Natalie Zvereva atleast tried against Graf--abysmal !
This was an ameliorative treatise becalming the fact that I had stated in one of the previous blogs that the Russian girls are not yet ready to win at a Grand Slam.

I still have not figured out what transpired between Coria and Gaudio yesterday--it seemed eerie, I think Coria tanked the fourth set quite openly,and even parts of the third. I'm not sure that he was quite fit enough , and it was petrifying to see Gaudio play that badly in the fifth. I've had this notion that something is quite creepy about Coria for some time, maybe his staturs, game; although I'd maintain that he deserved to win it this year. The French has this habit of making a guy wait till he;s ready in all respects--am sure he'd win it the next year--all in all, some great singles matches.
Obviously, I remind the reader that I thought that a dangerous floater would triumph , and I stand vindicated. One out of two ain't bad !

Pascual & Suarez swept the doubles and my favourite team didn't even break sweat except in the quarters.
Malisse & Rochus were rightful winners against a very good Llodra & Santoro--by far, the best final on display.

Spent the weekend reading Hotel du Lac --it's a nice Victorian easy-paced read about an aging writer--her companionship with a quaint old woman, a mysterious la femme fatale with anorexia nervosa and a mature businessman who proposes marriage. Very free-flowing ( sorry, Captain Cook ) and strong images of character, biases and apprehensions. Recommended read, definitely !


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