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Friday, May 21, 2004

What's common to Rangeela, The Sixth Sense & Boys Don't Cry ??
Well, these are the last movies I've seen in a theatre.
Came quite close to this yesterday when I watched Mulholland Drive on the telly. Had the lights dimmed ( OK, OK, I switched 'em off ), got the ac roaring , sank into a comfy chair and watched the movie which had rather a quirky and interesting narrative--a person conjures up an alternate life, a dream within a dream, Hollywood caricatures etc.I finally remembered where I had seen the name Mulholland only this morning when a particulatly nasty bump caused my head to jar the roof of the cab--my one-time favourite tennis player Mats Wilander married a lady by the name of Sonya Mullholland, a South African model at the time & the Sportstar had published an engrossing interview with the engaging couple then.
Of course, once the movie ended, I harked back to the coarse crass world of football where I watched my once-favourite team ( Hmmm, why don't I have any current favourites, except Pascual & Suarez ?) of Valencia easily hold off Marseille--if ever parts made up more than the whole, this is a team perpetually starved of stars and has old fossils like Mauricio Pellegrino, Amadeo Carboni & the once -comparable Jocelyn Angloma who make defending such a pleasurable visual spectacle and who do their job with so much elan that they appear to delight in filching candy from toddlers.

Looking forward to the long weekend, not that my stern resolve of not working on Saturdays is on the verge of consummation.


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