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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Spent the whole of the weekend marvelling at the fortitude and tenacity of the parents, who braved the bovine intransigence of self in endeavouring to create a human habitat at my place in Colaba. Admittedly, they've done a swell job--my picturesque curtains, all kinds of wooden and metallic contraptions like door hangers, a new-look living room ( which is more central than polarised ) and an air-conditioner that I've justified on the tenuous grounds of increasing my productivity ( read: two more hours of FM ).

The weather today is miraculously tolerable and I pine for the unfettered joy of the kids practising on the CCI tennis courts behind my office.

Was visited by a summer trainee , who is working on how the strategy of my hoary function aligns with business strategy. Am flabbergasted on how quickly my state-of-the-art knowledge has dwindled and deteriorated in a trice, leaving me a shadow of the avaricious and unabashed tyro I once was. How time flies !!

The stock markets have crashed and the scrips have plummeted as in the Patiala cycle-stand, and the brokers have gone berserk in their anguish at losing their ill-gotten gains. The sly ones --you know those stupid, risk-averse types are already practising their " I told you so " expressions. What price progress...

Federer is getting better on clay--beating Coria, Hewitt & Moya on their preferred surface is a portentous sign that the guy means business, but I still think that I know my favourite Open far too well to accept that he'll wrest the crown from a plethora of dangerous floaters. I think Capriati may well look forward to penning her eventful life in a book and make good while her star shines.

Had a great experience on Sunday when I took my first ride in a sidecar ( that elegant thingummy wedded to the two-wheeler a la Sholay ). I was closer to "ground realities" and for once was able to stretch out and not smash into something metallic or electric. It could have been a more harrowing ride on say,GST Road in Madras or the Dhankavadi road in Pune. I still got more than I bargained for when the rider insisted on narrating how the sidecar was a technological advancement invented in WW2 as a surreptitious way to carry a machine gun, all this while careening down a highway at about 50 kmph ( which must be about 30 kmph more than the rated speed for the hamara Bajaj )


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