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Thursday, May 20, 2004

So we have it , two members of the "minority" at the helm of the nations's affairs--both scholarly & erudite. Both paragons of virtue and piety ( some would suggest of naivete ), too refined to be bothered about the dregs of the Lok Sabhas, and exemplary in their domains.
Where Mr. Kalam has managed to state his wont eloquently and articulately, will Mr. Singh cope with the obsequious mendacity that epitomises the GoP ?
The Sardarji jokes are already doing the rounds. It's interesting that the man has never won a LS election--indeed, nice guys finish last, and that's the terrifying bit--how is this man going to placate and pacify those most servile and meretricious of old men, in their ill-disguised power hunt ?Politics is of, by and for the c.c.

Just as I was getting used to the preposterous notion of Bombay not having power cuts, the deity of power, perhaps Ambani, proved me wrong and the city was engulfed in darkness for about an hour on Tuesday. Yeah, yeah, that's fine, let''s just have less of this bilge about the utopian conditions of life here.


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