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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Ooops !!
Just when I thought I knew all Life's answers, they changed all the questions !!

I was only half-conversant with the arcane modalities and esoteric instructions on learning to blog ( egged on by the reliable R from the sidelines ) when the blokes who own the site have decided on a new-look front and upset my well-crafted plans to come to terms with the nuances of modern science. Anyway....

Ah yes, the jury is out that we shall have a hung Parliament ( This is strange, I always thought the masses wanted the Parliament to be "hanged" )--more undeserved maligning our equine friends--interesting for a lay-man who will ponder or is this just an arithmetic exercise ( in futility ?) or some facets of Policy, agenda merit attention too.

Caught an expose' on the previous life ( sic) of Mallika Sherawat in the Sunday edition of the Indian Express.Fortunately, it did not read like a tabloid washing dirty linen in public--it was more a pensive affirmation and articulation of "facts" such as the girl is from a Delhi Public School, is married and from an affluent household of Civil servants, not the scion of a bucolic family in the hinterland, as claimed. Can the person act ??I don't know.

Had driven down to Pune yesterday, met with limited success. On the way home, the driver who had ignored my sleepy entreaties to read the signs, turned the wrong way and nearly brought me back to Pune after driving way past Chinchwad. Thoroughly annoying, especially when all you want is to slumber on .

So, Murali has roared past Courtney Walsh at the aweepstakes--I am quite sure that Test status can be unashamedly be revoked from the beleagured Zimbabwe team.


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