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Monday, April 12, 2004

Just returned from the WebWorld outlet opposite the Akbarally's ( since 1897) store, where I thought I'd pop in to get my Reliance number changed from its international tarmac at S'pur to the more bucolic climes of Bombay. Happy to note that
a) The WebWorld seems to have it the roof--Broadband and all ( I know, I've looked at the "Luddite" comments about my technological superiority !)
b) There is no water at Flora Fountain ( a la the guinea pig not being a pig etc etc )
c) The Reliance damsels take after the Sehwag school of customer orientation--( Sirjee, y don't u get tie-ad)
d) Java Green is a great way to lure the gourmands who might saunter in to dekko the mobiles on offer.

Spent the better part of the Sunday helping my mother and sister get me settled into my abode at Colaba ( note that this is not the other way around). A lot of time poring over really state-of-the-art stuff like the Teddy bear ( mera humsafar, literally !),powder box ( which is nearly as old as I am ) and the radio ( which is actually older ). Grimly reviewed the soon-to-be-relegated Philips Skipper radio which now faces stiff competition from the multi-watt Sony and the svelte Philettina ( yes, radios have names, too !)purely on the FM front--reminded of an old James Herriot story that ends well for the senior citizen--will this augur the same for the Skipper--wonly time will tell.

Had a comparatively good day in office--today--got a lot of work done and even managed to plan ahead--even though the daunting prospect of early dawns for travel looms large.

Another occasion when the incomparable LAP did not quite manage to pull it off against the steady Goicho Motomura costing us the Davis Cup tie. It is confounding and heart-rending that a nation of so many cannot remotely find a player who can aspire,hope,dream of winning one singles match. I refuse to blame LAP--he gives off his best every single time which is more than what can be said for the bumpkins who take the collective cricket imagination for a ride. How I wish someone somewhere had what it takes to win !!

Harish has done some thinking on the sports arena and all I have to say is that someone somewhere ( OK OK I like Jagjit ) would have made a killing on the odds of RM, A & ACM going out in the quarters. Arsenal has been my team for quite awhile and that Henry not firing means a lot to the Gunners.It's a rhythm team and am not sure that their arrant failures at the Champions League quite nullifies the sheer footballing pleasure that they provide. No, Harish, while the players are considerably tall ( though the likes of Liverpool with Hyppia, henchoz, Heskey have always matched them) and may be the tallest man for man, what makes them tick seems to be a desire to play well with panache and flair, and win. What Henry, Pires, Vieira, Ljungberg do for a living is markedly and pointedly different from how Nistelrooy, Scholes, Keane and C Ronaldo ply their trade, and it shows.

Navneet has done a great job for those who claim that sporting greats have better statistics to show for them. More power to him !!
My own views on SRT are all too well-known.

Caught Priyanka Vadra questioned on why she purported not to belong to a dynasty, she replied : It's not a dynasty, people elect us" before blushing crimson and saying that she had not been elected yet. Hmm !!!


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