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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I did it !!!
Obtained a membership of the British Council Bombay in one shot. The sister had come down to change her Wodehouse copies ( in the noble pretext of borrowing some incarnation of Gray's anatomy, or some such gravity-defier ) and both of us reached the precincts of Mittal Towers, which the canny cabbie pretended not to know. Asked for an application form which was dished out , filled it up the note changed hands and Voila, I was a member. Not a hint of referrals, photographs, waiting periods --then I remembered that this is the land of the brave and home of the free ( my apologies to John Kerry)--still it's a good feeling in this urban slum. The good news is that the manager is my old chum from Bhopal days, Mr Kunkur, and I am not above plotting some heists together.

The lane next to my home always makes me always wonder whether I am in Bombay or Arabia--such is the overpowering influence of the land--never saw so many perfume shops in one street. It uncannily resembles all the Arabic advertisements I've seen on TV although my cynical mind divines that there may be far more to this than meets the eye. I say this at great risk to body and soul, because all it takes is for someone to breathe a word to some of these goons, and I will be safely despatched to Jahannum.

Saw some parts of Munnabhai MBBS, and I think we've had enough of this nagging patois, replete with gangster lingo and mannerisms. It may be appealing in the same way that certain oft-repeated phrases, accents, gesticulations are popular because they are comforting in identifying and segregating "us "and "them."

Yet to fully reap the benefits of the air waves via FM--I know there may be some times that they may play my kind of music--the rest of the time with mindless RDB and punk music.

The office is closed on Monday and that can mean it will be a long weekend--looking forward to that.Indolence is Inviting, I say !!

Tonight is a big night for the Zadoc-philes and I feel all 4 teams are undeserving in some way but that's the beauty of a competition.


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