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Monday, April 19, 2004

Has been a harried stretch of time and only promises to get worse--still, some saving graces in these vicissitudes.

Mustered the insolence to catch the 0650 flight to Calcutta, duly had the rest of the crowd waiting for me at the airport and traipsed in half an hour late for the meeting attended by over 20 managers--endured the stony glares well though.
The grime and the humidity make for a compelling proposition and it may not be a great idea to use lighter coloured kerchiefs anymore in future--and in fact the Jet people may also need to take a fresh look at their humanistic offer of a steamed towel, which may go from white to black, never to return. The venerable Prahlad Kakkar travelled , beguilingly, in the Economy Class--yet another example of what Ramanand, in quite another context, calls retro-elitism.

Another day, another trip to Ahmedabad--familiar issues of how to organise without time, space and infrastructure--managed that well enough.

Took the Sunday to meet a colleague who had shockingly suffered a cardiac arrest a few days ago--he was admitted to the cool confines of Ruby Hall and on the verge of staging a complete recovery. Earlier, met up with the gang of yore at the Boat Club--always a pleasure with Ramanand, Samrat, Harish & Gaurav along with some assorted folks from different places.

Have begun " Madame Bovary" a very vivid book replete with fulsome descriptions of nature, furniture and discomfiture- a tale of a bored housewife stuck with an ordinary husband.

Meenaxi has been taken off by the makers, almost inexplicably so--still, methinks it took the protesters a long time to come up with a riposte --hence smacks of a contrived and misplaced sense of victimization.There have been some good articles recently on what can be the boundaries to ban a work, and the answer to that has a lot to do with what a community/people can put up with--also with some of our own inherent needs to seek and find Good and Bad, self-righteous pretence taken to ridiculous heights when opinions congregate, and stealing over our very souls when unwatched and unguarded against.


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