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Thursday, April 15, 2004

For once, made good while the sun shone and decamped to the parental home yesterday--all thanks to the noble deeds of Dr. Ambedkar. Got a lift from the caring father , otherwise would have been stranded on the highway.

Made the most of a lazy old day chatting up with family and trying to got interested in a laboured and tepid Dravid . Cannot fathom how the stands are still empty. A heavy lunch and a languid snooze later, back to the abode --such is the distance from home.

Am sure this horrendous Bombay weather doesn't suit me at all--I get so sweaty and hot that the day is not far when I will contemplate and commit murder--April is the cruellest month and all that..

Tried to listen to something at night--settled into a Wadali brothers tape after learning to my chagrin that all my grandiose attempts at creating a Dewey classification for my tapes had been laid low by the caprices of the Packers, and Brian Silas was keeping Enya company. Someday I will complete this !!

It's been a decent day so far and will walk into a Budgets presentation tomorrow at Head Office much in the manner of Lamb playing Maninder. Got a pimply-faced tyro from some management school asking me what I thought were the emotional qualities required of a manager--I thought of saying he/she should be anything but a human --curbed myself in the nick of time.

Just discovered that I have more f(r)iends in Bombay than I give myself credit for--will put my shoulder to that wheel when I return, after conquering Kolkata and Ahmedabad over the next two days.Amen !


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