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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

It has been a taxing and tiresome day, as have been the three preceding it--I am yet to fathom the metaphysics of the reasons for this--perhaps, Ignorance is Bliss !!

Was delighted to learn that SL put it past an upbeat Aussie side in the 2nd ODI, this when two pyjama picadors , Symonds and Bevan were at the crease.
Marion Jones is back, and that is great for the sport, THG or any other drug be damned.

I was speaking to my folks based in Madras at the moment, all the three travelling troubadours camping in the place because of two propitious weddings in the span of 11 days, they were recounting how some of the younger set had thought nothing of photographing away to glory in the middle of the street, all for the sake of a few memories where our forefathers used to live. The contrast with my obdurate unwillingness to have myself clicked is startling--I have never been camera-savvy, maybe an inward-looking disposition taken to manic proportions.


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