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Monday, February 09, 2004

Disturbing epistles in yesterday's Hindu, denouncing and denigrating all pretensions to India Shining as not being representative and inclusive of India's teeming multitudes. Certainly, and am sure that the DVAP alos knows that !Most of the facetious claims profferred seem more pre-ordained than directed--Home Loans, Child Education, Fiscal deficit, Burgeoning reserves all cannot alleviate the much-larger concerns of most Indians. I think once the BPO nonsense is over, we might go back to our grim-faced visages ( after Elections ?? ).

An unhappy set of finals for the Indians--a long tour, perhaps we are seeing too much of Australia.
Leander again delivered when it mattered--I would love to sing paeans but shall refrain .
Mark Phillippousis once again showing that sport is a great leveller--only yesterday the pundits were lauding his back-to-the-wall victories over Ferrero. Was astounded at Woodbridge & Arthurs losing and am sure that losing in the first round will take some time to sink in. Must remember that Aussies are the most strident advocates of the Winners-get-a-bye business.

Gotta rush, there's just time to tell you that I have been transferred to Bombay-a city ( ???) of dreams and drains.


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