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Friday, February 20, 2004

Am back after a prolonged absence--a quaint mixture of travelling and work ( not that I do, any road ! ).

Kolkata is a city that never ceases to amaze and astound--such a lotus-eating Type B set would be hard pressed to find--it's a veritable wonder they get passionate about anything --which they do--atleast over football. Some of the nicest confabulations I've had are with a taxi driver ( who to his eternal misfortune ferried me around this time too ) who waxes eloquent over Satyajit Ray and the Rabindra Sadan( another ode to the laidback ). These cabbies dispense worldy wisdom like Vitamin C, and it's infernally difficult to separate opinion from fact.

Out of touch with the FA Cup, only to have a football freak in the company gaily infor me that Reyes did finally get two goals , against the Blues ( in the correct direction, I must add ). I must confess I am not too happy with getting this bloke into Arsenal--he does not fit, not beacuse he;s white but beacuse he does not seem to be filling any hole in the Gunners' game--Wiltord may have been discarded by both club and country but it was his vivacity and tireless running that helped talents like Ljungberg blossom.

My old pal, Navneet says that he's sensed the great one hitting the blogboard , from his Orlando penthouse, and goes on to say that his sister Ruhi is now actually working, How time flies--it seems it was only yesterday that she was a long way from the Class 10 Boards--the inexorable clasp of time !!

Had the opportunity to chat up with a Doon School teacher on the Shatabdi from Delhi on one of the many trips to Kolkata, Mr. Philip Burridge and a fine man at that. We spoke of many things, including the commercialization of education, the " values" kids have, the times-they-are-a-changin', and industries and hope that he found the conversation as appealing as I did. He went on to say that the big-D admits students only from Class 7 to which my cynical mind could only think how on earth could a person change after that age. ( Of course many relatives still are agape with befuddlement how a firm can have the stupidity to employ me and that too for a salary, but that;s another story ). Further, the renowned Ajay Banerjee ( winner Mastermind India--3 years ago ) has decided to quit the school.

Nothing much on the reading bit, am out of ammunition temporarily.


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