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Friday, January 23, 2004

Well, the Indians lost today--somehow contrived to lose--got a lot of flak from the parochial ITC-ites for being Simbly South--as if I can help it !! ( Apparently L Balaji went for 11 in 5 balls ).
Methinks VVSL glugs some magic potion before he plays the Aussies--never mind that I think the knock in the last ODI was a pedestrian one.

And "the Wall" guilty of ball tampering--was there ever a more punctilious or prissy cricketer ?? All the pundits crowing from the roof tops that everyone does it has me seething with indignation--only yesterday , AAJ TAK ( easily one of the most underrated news channels) did an elaborate expose on the machinations of Pakistani speedsters--how to swing it etc etc. Today the Waz character let loose on how to use chewing gum, jelly, mint --probably the Wrigleys marketing head who have done a retake on India plans.


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