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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Just got home last night to view the dying embers of a movie " Teen Deewarein" --on STAR GOLD from the Kukunoor stable. I dunno if this was a neo-realistic attempt gone berserk but I thought I witnessed three murders in about 45 seconds. I think we have taken our sanctimonious pretence to human life to an all-time low on screen. Juhi, NK, Jackie and a jaded Naseer--minimalist dialogue and music is a new way of film-making atleast. Still.... am sure will watch the flick again.

More grist for the mill--Ma Rand has gone on to raving and ranting at the "youthful idealists" who despite having inherited every bit of sanity and wisdom from the previous generations, for some recondite reason are deemed Iconoclasts and are seen as faithful to their ideals and scruples, when they do not have any. Emptiness is not a solution , and dictators get their just desserts in the form of their most honest and dedicated followers, who are the only ones who flailingly endeavour to toe the line.
A tragi-comic picture of a group of young Soviets arrested for staunchly voicing their protest against the invasion of Czechoslovakia--no one lese knew of the commotion at the Red Square.
Hmm, it does get better !!!

As thought, the babes in thewoods--Schnyder & Zuluaga were drowned in the consistent ( and insipid) deluge proffered by the Belgian duo. Still, the men;s draw promises much.

After the condign farewell of Steve Rodger, I am languishing in the hope that I will soon have someone replace him as my favourite cricketer--must think along the lines of Robin Peterson, or Stuart Matsikenyeri, or even Ian Butler.

Listened to Abhimaan after a long time , and found to my chagrin that the lilting tunes did not appeal at all--found it befuddling. Maybe it was the careworn tape of the HMV fossil that caused the revulsion--dunno !!

Anyway off to attend to a (rare) shopfloor skirmish downstairs--( please do not labour under the mistaken notion that that's howI earn my bread )


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